The respect to the environment is a matter of principle for FITCO. Proof for its interest to environmental issues is the implementation of a management system through which the company monitors a variety of environmental aspects. The certification of this system according to ISO 14001 requirements, is a further proof of the company' s commitment to eliminate the impact of its activities to the environment.

The responsibility to watch and monitor the environmental aspects has been assigned to dedicated specialists who propose the required environmental protective measures. Measures that are already in operation consist of the following: Collection and Filtering systems placed on the melting furnaces to arrest suspended particles, neutralization plants to treat the industrial wastes, vacuum distillation systems that restrict the release of ozon depletion substances utilising State of the art technology, etc.

An important aspect which cannot be overemphasized is the massive recycling of copper scrap which is part of company's main activities. Recycling is also encouraged for items used in support of company's operations, such as packaging materials. To this respect, Fitco has contracted organizations specializing on such matters.

Where its operations are performed in environmentally sensitive areas (such as its rolling mill plant, operating in the district of Tavros near the Athens city center), the company is committed to impose stricter self controls. To provide proof of this commitment, the rolling mill plant was subjected to the EMAS pollution control program under the auspices of the ministry of Environment. The Environmental Statement of 2006 for this plant provides the relevant information on the environmental performance.